MOJITOP.COM is just a group of friends rooted in Barcelona, who would like to contribute to improve the level of the mojitos in the city.
We like to do expeditions in the city, and sometimes we invite the blog followers.
If you have suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them with us too!
We like to "conquer" Bars, which means to visit them and evaluate their mojitos.
About barris, we often visit Gràcia, Poble Sec, Raval and Born, but we've also been to more exotic places like Eixample and Barceloneta.
To explore all the possibilities, we also try out different recipes for mojitos and their variations.
Also from time to time we'll report on curisities related to mojitos, like the mojitos we taste in other cities.
Interviews and stories about interesting people are in this blog.

20 February 2011

¡Volvemos en primavera!

Seguidores mojiteros...¡Nos vamos de vaciones hasta el mes de abril! Con tanto frío hay pocas ganas de mojitos...¡Nos vemos en unos meses!

08 November 2010

Panellets de mojito

Cada año a finales de octubre las panaderías de Barcelona se llenan de unos pequeños pasteles que se llaman panellets. Los más tradicionales son de piñones, almendra o coco, pero hoy en día los hay de todos los sabores: fresa, naranja, chocolate, nata...y este año ¡incluso de mojito! Por si os animais a hacerlos en casa, os dejamos la receta de los panellets de mojito que hemos encontrado en el blog de lovefood hmmmm
para la base de los panellets (1/7 de la base será para los panellets de mojito...el resto a vuestro gusto)
- 750 gr. de almendra cruda molida
- 650 gr. de azúcar
- 3 huevos
para el sabor a mojito
- licor de mojito
- lima

- menta fresca

En un recipiente mezclar la almendra, el azúcar y los huevos. Trabajar muy bien hasta integrar todos los ingredientes y formar una pasta. Dejar reposar 24 horas. Dividir la masa en 7 porciones iguales para realizar los diferentes panellets de sabores, una de estas partes será para panellets de mojito. Mezclar la pasta con el licor de mojito, la piel rallada de una lima y hojas de menta fresca picada. Coger porciones de pasta (unos 20 gr. aprox) y formar cubos. Cocerlos en el horno 5 min a 250º. ¡Ñam!

19 October 2010

SÓLÓ BAR - el mojito nunca decepciona

El sábado pasamos otra vez por Sóló Bar en Poble Sec. El mojito allí nunca decepciona. Un toque ácido, que me gusta. Para mojiteros que lo prefieren dulce, ofrecen una jarrita de azúcar liquido, a añadir según tu gusto. Aún valen €6. Un precio decente por un buen mojito.

30 September 2010

SIENA - (camping) mojitos quite ok - but you don't get the "happy hour"

In the beautiful city of Siena, there's a quiet camping, where you can order mojitos, among other drinks...and food.
They even offer a happy hour in the afternoon when drinks - wait, not drinks in general, only beer and the appetizers - get a discount. We tried the mojitos there thinking they'd be on happy hour price but....6€ each in the end. Which isn't THAT much - but still, they should learn to advertise correctly their happy hours...

Anyway, the mojito wasn't spectacular, not bad. Drinkable, as a good mojiteur would say. The athmosphere in the bar is good, would be better if it wasn't right in front of the gate where everyone enters by car or caravan.

This post closes the Italy circle of this summer! Stay tuned for more mojitos from around the world!

Pisa - No mojitos in the camping Torre Pedente!

Continuing with our trip around Italy, trying to find good mojitos - we passed though Pisa

We stayed in hte "Torre Pedente" camping which had some boards announcing Cocktails at 4€ in the bar during the we went to check the Mojitos....

Unfortunately, they had ran out of fresh mint (the one they still had was really really disgusting) and they were decent enough to tell us to chose some other cocktail. So maybe next time!

If you tried the mojitos of this camping, please let us know how they are!!